Week 14 - SCE 3102 WEEK 14 Think If you want to be a...

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WEEK 14 Think If you want to be a constructivist teacher, how would you prepare the children in the class so that they can learn through constructivism? Encouraged students in multiple perspectives and representations of concepts and content to present Let goals and objectives are derived by the student or in negotiation with the teacher or system. Make our serve in the role of guides, monitors, coaches, tutors and facilitators. Create activities, opportunities, tools and environments to encourage students to met cognition, self-analysis, self-regulation, self-reflection and self-awareness. Let the student to plays as central role in mediating and controlling learning. Prepare students in learning situations, environments, skills, content and tasks are relevant, realistic, and authentic and represent the natural complexities of the 'real world'. Use Primary sources of data in order to ensure authenticity and real-world complexity. Emphasize students with the knowledge construction and not reproduction. This construction takes place in individual contexts and through social negotiation, collaboration and experience. The learner's previous knowledge constructions, beliefs and attitudes are
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Week 14 - SCE 3102 WEEK 14 Think If you want to be a...

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