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Week 15 - as intelligent This misconception makes a deep...

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ISL Week 15 Think Why, do you think, most people have the idea that science is a tough subject? Most people have the idea that science is a tough subject most probably because the ways most teachers in primary school teach are bored and students need to memorize many facts. The wrong teaching methods make science dull and meaningless to learn. Most students are unmotivated to learn science since examination destroys their interest and curiosity. Imagine that if you work hard for month and years just to get good grades and you don’t like the whole process anymore. For sure, it felt like torturing study under this environment. Besides, in primary school, most teachers don’t give many hands on activities which are vital for science learning. Next, parent always reinforced the students that the one who is good in science tend to consider
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Unformatted text preview: as intelligent. This misconception makes a deep impression on the children that learning science is not easy. Reflect Do you agree that misconceptions are caused by children’s inability to understand concepts taught by the teacher? Yes, definitely. Since children mentality is not well enough to understand complex things, misconception always occurs. Misconception most likely to happen at 7-12 years (Pre-operational stage) since children thinking is egocentric. At this stage, they will think what they understood is right. Misconception might happen to children when they only know some part of fact while ignore others. Besides, misconceptions could be influence by other factors too such as their family, friends and teachers....
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