Week 17 - meaning. Until one day, when the teacher explains...

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WEEK 17 Think If we are teaching, why aren’t our students learning? - This is because the language that used by teacher and text books may confuse some students. - There is often unexplored conflict between students’ everyday experiences and the classroom or textbook presentation. - Sometimes, we also introduce the formulas and concepts immediately without further explanation also can make student cannot understand what we teach. - Some students cannot make imagination about what we teach. So, hands on activity are needed in our teaching. Reflect Constructivism puts misconceptions as a very important aspect of learning especially in the learning of science concepts. Have your learning of science been affected by your own misconceptions and how did you deal with that? - I remember when I study physics, I confuse with the word “mass” and “weight”. At first, I thought that these two words are just having the same
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Unformatted text preview: meaning. Until one day, when the teacher explains in the class, I just realize that I am wrong. I quickly go back and search the textbooks and learn more about “mass” and “weight”. Finally, I overcome my misconceptions.-When I study chemistry, I had misconceptions about “burette” and “measuring cylinder”. At first, I don’t know that I am wrong. This misconception had brought so many troubles to me. This is because when I write the apparatus for the certain experiment, I usually get it wrong. I feel so strange and I go check the books. Finally, I realize that I am wrong and I quickly cure my misconceptions by keep reminding myself of the name of chemistry apparatus. I also made a card and stick it on my table so that I can read it easily....
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Week 17 - meaning. Until one day, when the teacher explains...

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