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BUS1 Ticket 11830 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS Online Accelerated Six-Week Course Summer 2011 Tentative Assignment Schedule WEEK DAY ASSIGN DUE TOPICS-ASSIGNMENTS-QUIZZES-EXAMS CHAPTERS DATE DATE DD 1 MON 05/23 06/01 Review Online Access Instructions and Student Technical Support sites Complete and Submit Student Survey Complete and Submit ASSIGNMENT 1 and QUIZ 1 1 - 4 2 MON 05/30 HOLIDAY – CLASS NOT IN SESSION TUES 05/31 0606 Complete and submit ASSIGNMENT 2 and QUIZ 2 5 & 6 3 MON 06/06 06/13 Complete and submit ASSIGNMENT 3 and QUIZ 3 7 - 9 4 MON 06/13 06/20 Complete and submit ASSIGNMENT 4 and QUIZ 4 10 -12 5 MON 06/20 06/27 Complete and submit ASSIGNMENT 5 and 13 -16 FINAL EXAM (Chapters 17 – 20) POSTED 6 MON 06/27 ASSIGNMENT 5 and FINAL EXAM DUE 17- 20 NOON (PST) Unless instructed otherwise, all assignments and quizzes/exams are due prior to NOON (PST) Monday, following the assignment post date. Specific due dates are provided on each assignment.
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Unformatted text preview: It is important to check the Blackboard and Connect/Connect Plus class sites each week for current information and assignments. Information contained in this document is subject to change. Assignments may include reading, research, writing, Connect/Connect Plus , Blackboard Discussion Board postings and reviews, and other assignments. Students may be required to post responses to assignment and to post comment on another student responses on discussion boards. Other forms of discussions and/or postings may be required of students. Assignments must be posted or submitted by the due date and time in Microsoft Word .doc unless instructed otherwise. Quizzes/Exams cover assigned textbook chapters and may include video case studies, exercises, and other instructional material. Emailed and/or late work will not be accepted or receive credit! Student request to reset/retake quizzes/exams or to extend due dates will not be granted!...
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