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For exampl1 - site is an unwarranted intrusion on...

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For example, in exchange for their labor, employees enjoy three basic rights: fair wages, safe and healthy working conditions, and due process in the handling of matters such as promotions, salary increases, and firing. Although there is still serious debate about the details of employees’ rights, such as the freedom from surreptitious surveillance and unreasonable searches in drug investigations, the question almost always concerns the extent of employees’ rights, not the existence of the basic rights themselves. For instance, ethicists disagree about whether hiring undercover investigators to discover drug users at a job
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Unformatted text preview: site is an unwarranted intrusion on employees’ rights, but there is no debate about the right of exemption from unwarranted intrusion. Writing Instructions and Manuals for Multicultural Readers ..... If the typography signifies different kinds of information ( Courier typeface might represent the text the reader is supposed to type ) and you want your readers to understand your .... Does it explain the purpose of the manual and how to use it?...
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