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Ways of payment online

Ways of payment online - A vast amount of people shop...

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A vast amount of people shop online for the seemingly endless selection of goods, and for the convenience of buying what you want from your own home. However, those without access to a credit card are often unable to enjoy these benefits. The set of instructions below outlines a very simple way to enjoy online shopping without having to use a credit card. There are more online payment options than ever before and as an online entrepreneur, you want to offer as many as you can on your site. A study by CyberSource Corp. found that websites providing four or more payment methods other than credit cards had a sales conversion rate 12 percent higher than those offering just one online payment option in addition to credit cards. In other words, the more online payment options you offer, the more online payment processing you'll do on your site and the more money you'll make. Here are the online payment options you could offer on your site: 1) Credit card processing If you were only going to offer one online payment option to prospective buyers, (which I strongly discourage!) this would be the one to choose. Credit cards are still the most popular way to pay for goods and services online. To set up credit card processing on your website, (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover), you need to get an Internet merchant account . You can get an Internet merchant account through your local banks. Notice I say banks; to get credit card
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