According to the compression of morbidity theory

According to the compression of morbidity theory - gym or...

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According to the compression of morbidity theory, people who exercise, eat good, don’t smoke, maintain good weight and basically practice healthy habits will be more likely to live free of disabling diseases in the latter part of their lives. The more educated seem to live healthier life styles which would indicate that social class has a direct effect on the last years of a person’s life. A person who came from the middle to upper class may have had more opportunities to get an education and one who came from poverty. An education gives a person more knowledge and the motivation to engage in a healthy lifestyle. An education also makes better paying, less stressful, less physical jobs more accessible. With the sense of security in making more money and being able to join a
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Unformatted text preview: gym or afford healthier food a person can or will lead a healthier lifestyle . Living a healthier life can lead to having a group of friends that live healthy as well. By associating yourself with the type of people who lead similar lifestyles you will less likely smoke or eat unhealthy foods. This can also be a positive factor in limiting depression and stress which could lead to leading an unhealthy lifestyle and have a negative impact on the compression of morbidity theory. Depression tends to make a person feel out of control and a feeling of helplessness. Social class, continued exercise and just living healthy in general can definitely increase the compression of morbidity....
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