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Assignment Class 3 Week 2

Assignment Class 3 Week 2 - the immediacy of the zeitgeist...

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Assignment Week 2 A frequent adage of the ‘slasher’ film, and one outlined in the ‘rules’ as set down in the film   Scream  (1996), is that any deviant behaviour will result in your own demise – often violently. Therefore it could be  argued that in some cases the horror film actually acts as a   Moral Absolute , an arbiter of accepted  behaviour. Behind many horror narratives lies an uncomfortable reasoning: this is what society is  really  like. While  other genres often draw attention to how society  should  behave – love conquering all in the romantic  comedy, or the criminal punished in the gangster film, for example – the horror film rarely flinches from 
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Unformatted text preview: the immediacy of the zeitgeist. Three examples can be drawn upon to illustrate this. For a film that has received its share of criticism, it also stands as a notable allegory on two levels. The modern world, in the shape of big business and economic spirals, has little place or sympathy for the traditional family unit. In Hooper’s narrative the slaughterhouse workers – all members of one family - have been made redundant and are now forced to earn a living any way they can. It is a grim example of entrepreneurship that this involves selling sausages made from human meat....
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