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Child_Family_Society - Week 1 Discussion 1

Child_Family_Society - Week 1 Discussion 1 - 1 – When we...

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Socialization – the process by which individuals acquire the knowledge, skills, and character traits that enable them to participate as effective members of groups and society. (Berns, 2010). Intentional Socialization 1 – In my family when my children fight they are required to say sorry to each other and hug. I want my children to know that when you get into an argument that you need to make amends. 2 – When my children are given something or someone does something nice for them they are taught to say thank you. We all should appreciate when others do something for you. 3 – When a child wants to play with their siblings toy, they must ask their sibling for permission. This shows that they cannot just take what is not theirs. Unintentional Socialization
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Unformatted text preview: 1 – When we saw a police officer had pulled a car over my son asked what I think happened. I said the driver was probably speeding. My son now thinks that if I speed that somehow the police will appear out of nowhere and pull me over. 2 – When a child hits we tell them it’s not acceptable. Then if they get their butt spanked when they do something wrong, they can get confused. It’s not okay for me to hit but my mom or dad can. 3 – Burning your hand after accidentally touching a hot pan and reacting by yelling and then getting it under cold water shows a child that pans on the stove burns your hand. Roberta M. Berns. (2010). Child, Family, School, Community: Socialization and Support (8th ed.) Belmont, CA. Cengage....
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