Child_Family_Society - Week 1 Discussion 2

Child_Family_Society - Week 1 Discussion 2 - For this...

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Unformatted text preview: For this assignment, choose someone, you know, who you consider to be successful. Identify which socialization agents and methods were predominating in his/her life. Was this person socialized so that he/she was destined to have positive outcomes or has he/she overcome many obstacles? Include examples that support your conclusion. This post should be 250-350 words. Respond to at least two of your classmates postings. I hope this doesnt come off as being conceited but the when it comes to overcoming things and still being sane and living a normal life I think Im successful. My parents were divorced when I was 5. The only memory I have of them being together is an argument that lead to my father punching a hole in my bedroom door. Much of my childhood from age 5 to 9 is a blur, I dont recall much at all. My mom was granted full custody of my younger brother and me but I went to live with my dad and my brother stayed with my mom. My parents were 17 when they had me so they were still very young when they divorced so my dad lived with his parents. The memories that I do recall are of my were still very young when they divorced so my dad lived with his parents....
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