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Most people who are in the upper class were born into the class or have inherited wealth and “have a family tradition of social prominence that extends back several generations” (Berns, 2010). Many go to college with the thoughts of being a doctor, attorney or other high-status occupations. Children from upper class families have the resources to go to private schools or colleges such as an Ivy League school like Harvard. In the upper class a child’s family is more likely to pay his or her way through college and may already have a business or career in the waiting. The upper class also tend to hire nannies to take care of their children. The children of upper class families are also expected to carry on the family’s name. The underclass have more tendencies towards homelessness, drugs, no education and hopelessness. The children
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Unformatted text preview: of the underclass are exposed to drugs, crime, disease, unemployment, child abuse and having little or no future. These children grow up not thinking of the future because their parents arent thinking of the future. They have no resources to get a good education. The children will tend to have lower tests scores in school. They are not as emotionally or socially competent. Negative thoughts on the future and achieving any success outweighs any optimistic views in an underclass family thus the children expect nothing from the future and have little aspirations. Roberta M. Berns (2010). Child, Family, School, Community, Socialization, and Support. (8th ed.) Belmont, CA Cenage Learning....
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