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Unformatted text preview: The permissive parents goal is to show their children love and to receive love in return. The relationship between the parent and the child are that of equals and to gain respect and obedience they will often buy gifts for their children rather than having rules and expectations. Permissive parents tend to be overprotective parents. Children who have permissive parents tend to be impulsive, aggressive and lack independence and personal responsibility. Since they grew up with no boundaries they may be insecure, demanding and selfish. Authoritarian parenting parents are more concerned about obedience than the needs or desires of their children. This parenting style often relates obedience with love. If the child obeys and holds to the rules in an authoritarian parents mind their child is showing they love them. Punishment is often harsh and severe and can be abusive. Children raised in authoritarian style parented homes are obviously good at following the rules and obeying authority, but...
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