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Your text discusses the meso-system influences on schools—connections between school and child, school and family, school and media, school and the community. Describe each of the connections and provide one example of something that schools are currently doing and one example of something, in your opinion, they are lacking. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. Every child has a different way of learning the information put in front of them. This can be either through observing, listening or by moving. A child’s learning can be affected by whether he or she is learning in a group or by him or herself. The school-child linkage is the school’s ability to correspond with each child’s learning style. If the school can identify the learning style the teacher can adapt to that child to give them the best chance of learning. There are many different environments that children come from. It ranges from the upper class children to the children that barely have enough to eat at home. From children who have parents that have spoken
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