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In our text the author tells us that according to studies, “a child’s acceptance by peers and successful interaction with them depend on a willingness to cooperate and interact positively with other children” (Berns, 2010). As a parent there are a few things that you can do to assist your child to improve his or her social skills and relationships with peers. My wife was very shy as a toddler. She was so shy during her K through 2 nd grade years her teachers thought she should be in special education. She eventually overcame this and went on to be very popular in high school and life in general. Her mother would set up play dates with other children who were outgoing and very social. Although in the beginning my wife was reluctant over time she did come out of her shell and started playing with the other children. Her mother took an initiative to help her overcome her shyness. My daughter who is three and has never went to daycare is also very shy. She isn’t getting any social
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Unformatted text preview: activity as she would be if she were attending a daycare of preschool. My wife has enrolled my daughter into classes at the local YMCA. In those classes my daughter is given opportunities to work independently as well as work with other children. She too is slowly coming out of her shell and hopefully it wont be very long before she overcomes her shyness. I am originally from Hawaii so I have darker skin. My children arent as dark as I am but they are darker than most kids. This has given us the opportunity to teach our children that it is okay to be different. It is okay to have skin darker than the other children. We have taught our son that we are not all the same. There are different nationalities, languages etc., but we all have feelings and we are all people. Roberta M. Berns (2010). Child, Family, School, Community, Socialization, and Support. (8th ed.) Belmont, CA Cengage Learning....
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