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Child_Family_Society - Week 5 Discussion 1

Child_Family_Society - Week 5 Discussion 1 - their own...

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Values are the basic belief of what is right and wrong and values are typically stable over time. When thinking of values one should think about what is important in life. For example a list of values could include: Love, Success, Peace, Health, etc. Attitudes are feelings and moods that affect behavior and may change frequently. Attitudes are generally opinions and beliefs such as girls can’t do things as good as boys. One of the most important and vital influences on a child is his or her parents. One of the most important and most influential factor in a child’s life are his or her parents. Parents can and should be teaching their children right from wrong. By instilling values in a child it can produce positive attitudes in a child’s life. “According to Vygotsky (1978), children cannot control their behavior until they incorporate adult cultural standards expressed in communication into
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Unformatted text preview: their own speech” (Berns, 2010). Parenting style can also lead to how a child behaves. If a parent’s style is aggressive it is more likely the child will deal with difficult situations outside of the home aggressively. When a child gets older and belongs to a group of friends this can shape values and attitudes. Peers may have different values and attitudes than a child has been taught at home. Depending on the parenting style, parental attitudes values and opinions can change to match those of the peer group. A teacher’s teaching style can also have an impact on a child’s values and beliefs. At times my opinion will differ from my son’s teacher and my son will say, “well this is what my teacher said, so it must be right”. Many if not all children have this attitude at school, what a powerful position a teacher sits in whether they know it or not....
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