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Leaders and followers Motivation Role models Imagine a society in which there are no social classes- no differences in people’s wealth, income, and life chances. What would such a society be like? Would it be stable or would its social structure change over time? How could you apply Max Weber’s theory to this scenario? Provide examples. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings. A society in which there are no social classes with no differences in wealth, income and life chances would not last very long. In fact, it would start to deteriorate as soon as it started. There are many different types of people – leaders, followers, smart, not-so-smart, the motivated and the lazy to name just a few. The natural-born leaders would want more because in time they would be doing all the work. Motivation would be non-existent as we would all be equal regardless of how hard we worked. Our world would have no heroes or role-models to look up to. If there were no corporate ladder one
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Unformatted text preview: would not be recognized for the effort put into their work. If we were to apply Max Weber’s theory there would only be one class as we would all “have a similar level of wealth and income” (p. 190). There would be no status as the society would have nothing to gain. An example Weber gives in our text is comparing a pickpocket to a college professor. Since there would be no difference in wealth or income each would be observed as being on the same level. In Weber’s third component he mentions Power. “Power is the ability to exercise one’s will over others” (p. 190). This is the area I believe would affect this “perfect” society the most. The behaviors of the Type-A personalities and the natural leaders would start to feel as though they were doing all the work, making all the decisions and gaining just as much as those who won’t work....
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