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I would like to think that I always try to put myself into another’s shoes to understand a different point of view. One social problem that has really affected my life is racism. I am originally from Hawaii so of course I have a dark complexion. I currently live in Western Wisconsin and the biggest town North of Madison is Eau Claire, WI (pop. 98,000) which is 167 miles north. You have to go another 150 miles north to get to the next “big” town Superior, WI (pop. 54,000). When I first moved here I noticed right away people would stare at me when I walked in the room. When I walked in stores I would sometimes have people follow me. I thought these people were rude and ignorant. Now I don’t condone racism by any means, however I have to put myself into their shoes. Everyone up here is pretty much Scandinavian, many ancestors were from Norway and you don’t see many people other than Caucasians. Many of the older residents are much like the older generation around the country who grew up with racist parents and that
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Unformatted text preview: attitude was passed on to them. My wife’s grandmother is scared of African-Americans. Why? Because she grew up with parents who taught her that and she has never had an experience with an African-American. Should I be mad at her for that? On the other hand, I also cannot assume that everyone who sees me automatically thinks racist thoughts. Someone may be looking at me just because I’m in front of them, however a few past experiences leads me to believe that they are thinking negative thoughts. This is a constant battle for me everyday and it shouldn’t be. I am in the mortgage business and I have a website that customers can apply online for a mortgage. I decided to take my picture off the site because I thought some people would not do business with me if they saw that I was a minority. I need to change my angle of vision here and treat people how I would like to be treated, as just another person....
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