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Legislation Legacy Currently, many issues exist between Native Americans and the United States federal government. One issue in particular is Native American healthcare. The federal government has committed to providing for the health, welfare, and safety of all Native American people in exchange for the native lands that the federal government has confiscated over many centuries. Many Native American leaders and constituents feel that the U.S. federal government has not done enough in the area of providing sufficient healthcare to Native Americans, specifically on the reservation. Also currently, there are issues going on about tax policies and terrible name-calling against the governor.
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Unformatted text preview: President Obama just sign a historical tribal law & order act into law. This law will make Native Americans safer. Government officials also had problem with the cigarette tax plan has become a racial problem. If Native Americans want to put tax on cigarettes and sell them to non-native people then so be it. When Arabic or white groups tax certain products it is fine but when Native Americans do it a problem arise. I not sure why a law has to be past in order for tax to be placed on cigarettes or even why Native Americans have to pay back the money that was collected before the law was past....
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