PHY 101SYLLB Summer 2011(1)

PHY 101SYLLB Summer 2011(1) - IONA School of Arts &...

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IONA PHY 101 A General Physics I, Summer 2011 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6 – 8 pm Lab Monday. Wednesday, Thursday - 8:15- 10:15 pm, C-103 Professor : Dr. Victor A. Stanionis Phone : 633-2276 OR 2236 Office : Cornelia Hall Room C-105 Iona email : Office Hours: Conference Hours: Before and after class. Other mutually convenient times by appointment. PHYSICS 101 - General Physics I A general course in the fundamental phenomena of mechanics, heat, and sound. Four lectures and three two hour labs per week for five weeks during the summer. Corequisite: Calculus I. Required Texts: Essential University Physics , Addison-Wesley, latest edition, Volume 1, Richard Wolfson Learning Goals/Objectives : College Core Learning Goals C1. Develops the competencies and ethics required for decision making and problem solving; C2. Instills the habits of mind required for lifelong learning, critical thinking, and intellectual inquiry; C3. Blends the rich traditions of the liberal arts with the demands of the post-college marketplace; C4. Provides the foundations for successful completions of academic and professional programs of study; C5. Promotes the values of justice, peace, and service in the traditions of American Catholic higher education Physics/Scientific and Technological Literacy Core Learning Goals The Scientific and Technological Literacy component of the core curriculum can be fulfilled by successfully completing PHY101/PHY 102. The learning goals are as follows: S1: to bring students to an understanding of the nature of scientific knowledge and the appropriate application of scientific concepts, principles, laws and theories;
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This note was uploaded on 06/07/2011 for the course PHYSICS 101 taught by Professor Whitehead during the Spring '11 term at NYU.

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PHY 101SYLLB Summer 2011(1) - IONA School of Arts &...

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