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Hagen 1 Jonathan Hagen Tom Douglas Anthropology 2A / Course paper May 24, 2011 Colin Cahill / Thu 09:00 – 09:50 Word Count: 2,444 Difficulties of Immigration There are many difficulties people have to face when they migrate to other countries because they are cultural differences between two countries. There are differences in way of talking to each other, beliefs about something, or general actions. Immigrants have to face these factors because they are used to their customs while other country have different customs. Since many people had migrated and still are migrating to the United States, I interviewed a person who had migrated from Korea thirteen years ago. I decided a young person because I am also a migrated student and do not have knowledge about America in the 1970s. Her name is Michelle Han-byeol Kim, born in April 20, 1982 in Seoul, Korea. She has United States citizenship now and she changed her name officially, and decided to use her Korean name as her middle name. She has mother and father who got divorced and remarried, step father, who is an American, step mother, one younger brother, two step brothers, one half blood sister, and one adapted sister. She came to the United States when she was 16 which was in 1998, but does not remember specific date. There are many reasons why she came to the United States because there are a lot of benefits that she would get from the immigration. First of all, she needed better education system because Korean school had strict old system which was hopeless. Another reason was because of her parents. Her parents forced her to go to the United States for her sake. There were also better chances of getting better jobs with higher income, and more things that she
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Hagen 2 can benefit in the future. There were also many opportunities that were offered to her if she migrates. She was able to have more experiences, more people to meet, or to learn how to speak, write, read and understand English which she can use it for later. Her English skill was important because she knew that she will need them for her future reference, such as her father’s business, traveling to different countries and better job opportunities. She could find more men since there were variety of men living in the United States. However, the main reason was not even close to the reasons written above. The main reason was for the process of acquiring her citizenship. When she was 14, her parents got divorced. Her father insisted to raise her, but after a year, her mother got remarried to an American guy and decided to take the rights to raise her daughter. Therefore she requested the court for the rights and Michelle was finally able to live with her mother when she turned 16. Because her mother and her step father had American citizenships, Michelle was able to earn her citizenship. She could get her citizenship before she turns 18, so as soon as she got back with her mother, her parents decided to send her to the US. Therefore, Michelle had to migrate to the United States
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Anthro 2A course paper - Hagen 1 Jonathan Hagen Tom Douglas...

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