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Verb Forms [vb] Memorize these rules. I will use these numbers on your essays to indicate this type of error. Learn to recognize them. Practice your skills by taking the quiz at the bottom of this explanation. Turn in the quiz to me by Week 4. Rule #1 modal + base I will go, I have to go, he should stay, we would like… (more modals = can, could, may, might, must, should, shall, would, will, won’t) and 2-part modals = ought to, had better, would rather, have to, has to, had to I ought to go now. You had better leave. I would rather have tea. Rule #2 do, does, did + base I do want to go. He does not like fish. She did not go to school. Rule #3 make /let someone (s.o.) / something (s.t.) BASE She made me quit. He let her go. Rule #4 to be + V + -ing (present participle) I am leaving and you are staying. Rule #5 to be + V + -ed (past participle) I was left behind. He is gone. They were arrested. Rule #6
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colleen_Verb_Form_Rules_error_nemesis - Verb Forms [vb]...

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