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Hagen 1 Jonathan Hagen Colleen Humanities 20C May 12, 2011 E2D3 Preserving the Culture If people do not preserve their traditions, beliefs, practices and values, they will be lost, and their identities will be gone. In order to maintain their customs, they have to face a lot of challenges. As the world changes more quickly, it is more difficult to keep their customs while adjusting to modern society. In the reading, The Warriors, the narrator talks about Uncle Ralph, who is from the Pawnee tribes, and his efforts to preserve his customs and the difficulties he faces. He has problems adjusting him into a modern society because of his traditions, and it makes it difficult for him to preserve his culture. Another writing that demonstrates the difficulties in maintaining traditions is “Talking to the Dead.” In the writing, there is a girl named Yuri Shimabukuro who meets obstacles in preserving her traditions. Even Yuri’s mother does not understand nor does she support her. In my personal experience, when I moved to America from Korea, the environment around me had influenced me and I could not keep my traditions. Preserving culture is very hard to do because people have to face many struggles in order to keep their customs. Uncle Ralph meets hardships when he tries to retain his traditions. He is from a Pawnee tribe, one of the Indian tribes in America that is forced to live in reservation. He says that he is one of the Pawnee warriors and emphasizes the importance of preserving everything about his tribe. He keeps telling stories about Pawnee warriors, teaching a lot of Pawnee vocabulary and singing Pawnee melody to his nieces. He believes that in order to maintain the customs, he has to force his nieces to learn them. However, as he is trying to do these, he has a hard time preserving his traditions. His nieces do not understand why he wants them to know and memorize his customs. Uncle Ralph also cannot adjust himself into a
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E2D3 - Hagen 1 Jonathan Hagen Colleen Humanities 20C May...

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