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Hagen 1 Jonathan Hagen June 02 2011 Humanities 20C E3D3 Education vs. Slavery In his writing The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass says, “slavery [or other forms of oppression] and education are incompatible.” He describes that people cannot receive an education if they are suppressed. Many people believe that when people are oppressed, they cannot be educated. In the 1800s, when African Americans were treated as slaves, they were uneducated because slave owners restricted them from reading. The reason why they did not allow slaves to read was because they were afraid that slaves would learn, understand and want their freedom. Since they prevented slaves from being taught, slaves did not have resources for an education. In the novel Kindred , written by Octavia Butler, the author shows how slavery and knowledge are incompatible. Dana Franklin, a black woman living in the 1970s who can travel back in time, goes back to the 1800s where slavery once existed. As she reads books, Tom Weylin, a white man who owns a lot of slaves comes to her and tells her to stay away from books. This demonstrates that whites oppressed slaves or freed slaves from being educated, so they had a hard time receiving an education. Another example is when Nigel, a young black boy living in the 1800s, risks his life for an education. It reveals that being a slave is not congruous with schooling. In my observation, Korea was oppressed by the Japanese and Koreans were not allowed to learn anything connected to Korea. Koreans could not be taught in the 1930s because the Japanese forced them to stop learning, so many old Koreans are not educated. Slavery or other forms of oppression and getting an education are incongruous.
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e3d3 - Hagen 1 Jonathan Hagen June 02 2011 Humanities 20C...

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