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Essay #1 Draft #1 - Hagen 1 Jonathan Hagen Colleen...

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Hagen 1 Jonathan Hagen Colleen Humanities 20C April 07 2011 Essay #1 Draft #1 How can people make a difference in their life through second chances? Throughout people’s lives, they are offered second chances. People must grab their second chances because they can make a huge difference. In the movie The Spitfire Grill , Percy, the main character of the movie, are granted a second chance following her prior mistake. She uses the opportunity and earns people’s trust. Nahum, Shelby’s husband, is also given a second chance in the movie and repents in front of the town’s people. The town itself reinvents and becomes a brand new town. When I moved to America from Korea, I received a second chance in studying, and it made different future. Second chances that are given to the people who have experiences of failures can change their lives. One person who reinvents herself is Percy, the protagonist of the movie. Percy has been charged for manslaughter and has been in jail. She is received parole after five years, and has moved to the town. Everyone in the town does not trust her because of her past. However, Percy uses her second opportunity to try to make a good image of herself. She takes good care of Hannah, and starts the contest which brings liveliness to the town and connection between the people in the town. Hannah starts trusting Percy since Percy is following Hannah’s orders, and taking care of Hannah when Hannah broke her leg. Shelby also begins to believe Percy because
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Essay #1 Draft #1 - Hagen 1 Jonathan Hagen Colleen...

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