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Joanthan Hagen Tom Douglas Anthropology 2A May 24, 2011 Colin Cahill (Thu 09:00 - 09:50) Field notes What is your name? - Michelle Hanbyeol Kim How old are you? - 29. Born in April 20 th 1982 Tell me about your family members. - One younger brother, mother, father, step mother, step father, step brothers, step sister, one adapted sister. When did you come to the United States? - Age 16, 1998, do not know specific date. What country did you come from? - Seoul Korea. What made you want to come to the US? - Need better education since Korea has terrible education. - Parents forced me to go to the US. - Need better job. - Can benefit in the future. - Opportunity - More choice for marriage. (variety of men) - Learn English for future. (Her father’s business, Travel to China) What was the main reason for coming to the US? - When she was 14, her parents got divorced. Her father insisted to raise her, but after a year, her mother got remarried to an American guy. Her mother decided to take the rights to raise her daughter. Michelle finally started to live with her mother when she was 16. Because her mother and her step father had American citizenships, Michelle was able to earn her citizenship. She could get her citizenship before she turns 18, so as soon as she got back with her mother, her parents decided to send her to the US. (For citizenship) What were your relatives’ -in your country- reactions? - As soon as they heard about her immigration, her relatives were supporting her and were jealous about this fact. In Korea, it is opportunity to go to the US since there were IMF going on at that time, and also America was seen as a country with opportunity, which many of countries still sees it. Her original father side’s aunts and uncles were being very nice because they thought that she would become a successful person if she goes to the US. How did you feel when you first came to the US? - Since she was able to practice my English with her step father and she was going to an international middle and high school, she was not scared to go to the US. However, she could not stop shaking after the airplane took off. She felt fear because she had to leave with her younger brother. Her parents were in no condition to leave Korea yet, so she was charged in taking care of everything including meeting new people in new area, filling up the forms in English, talking to Americans and etc. Although she was very confident and ready for the immigration, she felt uneasiness and fear as soon as she
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encountered the real situations. When flight attendance asked her fish or beef, she said yes. Her uneasiness led her have problems in English. How did you adjust to the environment? - It was difficult for her to adjust to the new environment because she suddenly felt huge cultural difference in new country. She never had jet lag, so she was in unstable status. She arrived in Hesperia, California, which is located at the north of California. Every time she walked into a store or went to church, she
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Field notes - Joanthan Hagen Tom Douglas Anthropology 2A...

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