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HWSW #1 - shares friendship with her and receives...

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Jonathan Hagen Colleen Humanities 20C April 21 2011 HWSW 1 HWSW #1 One person who reinvents herself is Percy, the protagonist of the movie. Percy has been charged with manslaughter and has been in jail. She has received parole after five years, and has moved to the town of Gilead. Townspeople do not trust her because of her past. However, Percy uses her second opportunity to try to make a good reputation. She takes good care of Hannah, and starts a contest which brings liveliness to the town and connection between the people. Hannah starts trusting Percy since Percy is following Hannah’s orders, and taking care of Hannah since Hannah has broken her leg. Shelby also begins to believe Percy because Shelby
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Unformatted text preview: shares friendship with her and receives confidence that she never had before. From then on, most of townspeople start believing that Percy has changed from the past. For example, when Nahum and Shelby are fighting one night, Shelby says, “The whole town look up to her”. This scene shows that people have changed their mind and now trust Percy. She has been recognized as a killer since the beginning of the movie, however, she is given a second chance, and it changes her image and makes people to trust her. When people are given a second opportunity, it can help them change how other people think about them....
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