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Jonathan Hagen Colleen Humanities 20C April 20 2011 HWSW 2 Reason for the Death In the movie The Spitfire Grill , the author killed Percy, the main character. She has been in jail for manslaughter, has spent five years and has come to the town called Gilead. She comes to for repent her sin, reinvent herself and gain the townspeople’s trust. She helps Hannah to become nicer and have another chance with Eli, her son. Percy also helps Shelby and the town to reinvent themselves and has gained trust from the townspeople. She gradually becomes a new person. However, she dies when she is trying to save Eli from being a man in a hunt. Percy’s death is important because townspeople reinvent themselves like she
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Unformatted text preview: does. However, they do not die while Percy dies. In my opinion, Percy has to die because her death represents her repentance towards her past. Unlike her, people who reinvent themselves have acknowledged their mistakes from previous. They honestly regret these mistakes and try to change themselves. Percy, on the other hand, is given a second chance, yet it is hard to find where she regrets her past. Her sin is also too serious, so she cannot repent her sin by changing the town. It might change people’s thoughts about her, but it is not enough for her to take next step from the past. I believe the author intentionally kills Percy to show that she repents like other members in the town....
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