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HWSW #3 - has done truly repents his fault and makes...

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Jonathan Hagen Colleen Humanities 20C April 20 2011 HWSW 3 Conclusion Although not many people get second chances, if they do, they can change their lives and future. People might have hurt themselves, have failed to achieve their goal, have made bad impression of themselves to others, or have missed their first chances. However, through their second chances, people can cure themselves, change their first impression and make themselves new people. Percy has earned the people’s trust by taking her second chance, helping Hannah in the kitchen and bringing liveliness to the town. Nahum confesses what he
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Unformatted text preview: has done, truly repents his fault and makes himself a new person through his second opportunity. The town itself is given a second chance from Percy, Hannah and Shelby, and becomes a new town with liveliness and energy where people communicate, share their thoughts and have friendship and connection between each other. My life, my future and my whole perspective towards to the world also have changed since my second chance. People can make mistakes and hurt themselves from their previous experiences. However, they can change their past and create a new future through second chances....
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