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HWSW #4 - Yuri keeps passing out Although she has many...

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Jonathan Hagen Colleen Humanities 20C April 27, 2011 Comprehension #4 In the passage, Yuri helps her mentor in many ways. She always carries every burden and follows her everywhere. She also becomes a disciple when Aunty’s only son does not follow her vocation. She always listens to her and follows her orders although it is hard to listen and understand them. She could have given up following her, but she does not lose her patience and does not stop her job. However, she has problems doing her work. Although she follows her without any accusation, she thinks that she wants to stop. She also passes out every time she performs the laying-out with her. She has been giving the business a bad name. Townspeople start to think that there is a problem about Aunty’s profession because
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Unformatted text preview: Yuri keeps passing out. Although she has many problems, she follows Aunty’s teachings and does not give up although many people belittle her. Sharing Ideas #4 I strongly agree that Yuri’s decision to remove Aunty from her coffin and perform the rituals herself is good because in this way, she has understood and finished her job. Until she does this, she has not successfully accomplished her job of laying-out. She also does not like or understand the meaning of rituals and their importance. However, from this incident, she now has ability to do her job and understand what Aunty wants to say to her. It shows that she can do it without anyone’s help, and understand the meaning of it, too....
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