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Jonathan Hagen Colleen Humanities 20C April 27, 2011 Comprehension #1 Children enjoy Uncle Ralph’s visits because they like to hear the anecdotes about his history and traditions. Every time he visits his nephews, he tells them different stories about Pawnee warriors, Pawnee vocabulary, and songs about it. He also supports children and tolerates some activities that would not be tolerated by their parents. For example, when they go out to meet hobos around their place, children go tell their uncle but not their parents because their parents would scold them while he understands them. He always exaggerates about Pawnee and the warriors. He says that he was a member of warriors and had a great
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Unformatted text preview: battlefield. These stories make them fantasize about the warriors and Uncle Ralph’s history. Comprehension #4 Although Uncle Ralph takes care of his nephews and tells great stories about Pawnee and its warriors, he has a serious problem. As children grow up, he visits them less frequently. Momma hears about him that he has been drinking hard. He cannot stop drinking and later, he visits his nieces while he is drunk. Another problem is that he cannot compromise with modern society. He does not recognize that Pawnee has been ravaged so often. He tells their nieces to preserve their history and not to forget about it. He forces them to become part of Pawnee, too....
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