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Week 1, Humanities 20C Writing [email protected] Office Hours 12:30 1:50 TTh and by app’t. in HIB 206. SEE THE FILM! Use the Movie Sheet with quotations on it to help you while you watch the film. Read p. 52 for the 20C/D Schedule for all class meetings and homework news. Study the problem words and expressions and count [C] and noncount [U] nouns on pp. 33 - 38 in the PACKET (I have a quiz for you on these, so study them.) Read the readings on pp. 89-98 and answer the questions on and turn it in by Week 3. (p. 97-98 is called the Movie Packet). Buy the PACKET in Eng. Tower 203 (outside the bldg.) The essay topic is C/D p. 83. Write 3 - 4 pages. The first draft should be as much as you can write….at least 2 – 3 pages. WARNING! Use the SPELLCHECKER!!! If I find a misspelled word, I will NOT read your essay. Remember to edit it carefully; even though it is a first draft, you should spend time editing it. WARNING! There are NO EXCUSES for a late paper. You will lose points for one. Attach p. 63 (Checklist for essays) in the PACKET and check off the top of the page (first draft).Note that your essay will follow MLA guidelines. Fill in p. 64 to get an idea about the information you need to have in your paper. Attach an editing log (p.67) Start filling it out after you get your 2 nd draft back. Remember, a draft is due EVERY WEEK! p. 53 – Write down your pink quiz and essay and packet scores. Please use percentages, not P/NP! GRADES and ABSENCE POLICY Read over p. 14 for the information on grading and the Absence Policy. NOTE TO STUDENTS: If you are more than 15 minutes late, you will get marked down for ONE whole absence WARNING: You can’t have more than 2 if you want to take the challenge exam (and you do!) if you have 2 or more unexcused absences, what will happen to you? You can’t take the challenge exam for credit, only for PRACTICE! Email me at
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Wk_0_1_Intro_Class_Info - Week 1, Humanities 20C Writing...

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