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CHAPTER 8: LOCATION STRATEGIES MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. FedEx chose Memphis, Tennessee, as its U.S. hub because a. the city is in the center of the U.S., geographically b. the airport has relatively few hours of bad weather closures c. it needed a means to reach cities to which it did not have direct flights d. the firm believed that a hub system was superior to traditional city-to-city flight scheduling e. All of the above are true. 2. Which of the following statements regarding FedEx is true ? a. Its hub in Memphis, Tennessee, was selected because of its low cost. b. Memphis, Tennessee, is the only hub in the company's global flight network. c. FedEx believes the hub system helps reduce mishandling and delays due to better controls. d. FedEx uses a hub system in the U.S., but a city-to-city network in other countries. e. Memphis is FedEx's only hub airport in the United States. 3. Industrial location analysis typically attempts to a. reduce costs b. maximize sales c. focus more on human resources d. be environmentally friendly e. none of the above 4. Governmental attitudes toward issues such as private property, intellectual property, zoning, pollution, and employment stability may change over time. The term associated with this phenomenon is a. bureaucratic risk b. political risk c. legislative risk d. judicial risk e. democratic risk 5. A location decision for an appliance manufacturer would tend to have a(n) a. cost focus b . labor focus c. revenue focus d. environmental focus e. education focus 6. A location decision for a traditional department store (Macy's) would tend to have a(n) a. cost focus b. labor focus c. revenue focus d. environmental focus e. education focus 189
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7. Globalization of the location decision is the result of all of the following except a. market economics b. higher quality of labor overseas
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CHAPTER%208%20without%20%20answers - CHAPTER 8: LOCATION...

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