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scan0026 - 6 All new products produced at Fiore Inc need to...

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Unformatted text preview: 6. All new products, produced at Fiore Inc. need to be tested to ensure they are compatible to varying temperature changes. To test the resistance of a new product to Temperature changes, the product is place in a controlled environment, monitored by D. Dr‘manic,.the executive assistant. The temperature in this environment, as a function of time, can be described by a sinusoidai function. The maximum temperature is 120°, the minimum temperature is — 60° , and the temperature at if: 0 is 30°. It takes 12 h for the temge from the maximum to the minimum. a) If the temperature is initially increasing, what is the equation of a sinusoidal function that describes the temperature in this environment? SHOW ALL WORK FOR FULL MARKS! [A5] 6 — '30 ' [3) Graph two complete cycles of the‘éction. [A33 _..L__.. .41..-__ .L. *.-W~Lw ”is.” Awaw-wé...w.mwi ...
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