Organisational Behaviour - U Based on the given scenario...

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U Based on the given scenario, cross-functional team will be the most appropriate to solve the problem. A cross functional team is a group of people with different functional expertise working toward a common goal. It may include people from finance, marketing, operations, and human resources departments. Typically, it includes employees from all levels of an organization. Members may also come from outside an organization which can also be suppliers, key customers, or consultants. Cross-functional teams often function as self-directed teams responding to broad, but not specific directives. Decision-making within a team may depend on consensus, but often is led by a manager or a coach or they will choose a team leader. Here is an example diagram of a cross functional team which consists of a team leader, business analyst, system analyst, warehouse programmer and a DBA. 1 A non-business, yet good example of cross-functional teams are music bands, where each element plays a different instrument (or has a different role). Songs are the result of collaboration and participation, and the goals are decided by consensus. Skills to play all the instruments involved are not required since music provides a standard language that everybody in the team can understand. In short, music bands are clear examples of how these teams work. The Movie maker is the best example to show the relation between the team members from different experiences. The director actually is the team leader but if he said action and at the same time the sound manager found some distortion or noise or anything which he is not convinced within his 1 1
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job, he can take the decision to stop until this problem is solved. Simply put, every expert is the leader or the manager of the whole operation when there is a problem related to his specialty. To face today's complex challenge, we need to incorporate a wide range of styles, skills and perspectives. Cross-functional teams are regarded as a means to manage social collaboration and concept creation. Some examples of cross-functional teams are teams established to design and develop new products, to chose and implement new technologies throughout organization, to improve the service-profit chain, and also to control product costs. For the scenario given, we need a cross functional team to improve the quality and come out with a cheaper, better and different Walkabout Music Player to compete with competition from overseas. In the team, we have all together four members which included the top management as our team leader, the
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Organisational Behaviour - U Based on the given scenario...

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