RR017_Teledyne - 2-18GHz Radar...

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Unformatted text preview: 2-18GHz Radar WarningReceiverRR017FeaturesFrequency range 2 to 18 GHz25MHz Frequency resolution0.2dB Amplitude resolutionPulse Descriptor Word OutputUSB2 interfaceSensitivity 60dBm TypSmall form factor Standby ModeApplicationsRadar Warning Receiver for:AFVUAVRemote sensingAffordable RWR for air, sea and land platformsRR01702 July 2008Page 1 of 8Teledyne Defence LtdAiredale HouseRoyal London Industrial EstateAcorn Park, CharlestownShipley, West YorkshireUK, BD17 7SWTel: +44 (0) 1274 531 602 Fax: +44 (0) 1274 595 724Email: sales@fcl.comWeb: www.teledyne.com Teledyne Defence Ltd, 2008. All rights reserved.Global Defence &Security SolutionsProduct DescriptionThe RR017 is designed for Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) applications where low cost and small size and are of prime importance, with filtering, amplification, detection and pulse parameter measurement being combined into one multi-function unit. Two amplitude measurement channels allow direction finding by amplitude comparison between adjacent antennas. A 20dB switched attenuator can be selected to allow amplitude measurement above 15dBm. An IFM, fed from one of the amplitude channels via an SPDT switch, performs 10 bits of frequency measurement on the selected input. Frequency resolution is nominally 25 MHz over a 2 to 18 GHz band. The RR017 is internally triggered and generates a full PDW giving the following data; Time of arrival, pulse amplitude (from the two selected antennas), pulse frequency and pulse width. The standard data interface is USB2 with optional 50MHz clocked 16-bit parallel interface via separate optional 37 way MDM connector. The small size eases the burden on UAV and AFV payloads in particular and the reduced power consumption renders a double benefit, as a smaller, lighter power supply is required. RF connections are made by SMA, DC Power, USB2 and 25 way MDM, parallel data uses an optional separate 37 way MDM connectorExternal 50 MHz clock input can be selected to operate the time of arrival (TOA) counter (shared clock source for the parallel data output PDWs), hence the PDWs generated will have fully correlated TOA digits.TELEDYNEDEFENCELIMITEDA Teledyne Technologies CompanyElectrical Specification - -40C to +85C RR01702 July 2008Page 2 of 82-18GHz Radar WarningReceiverRR017ParameterSpecificationOperating Frequency 2 to 18 GHzOut of Band RejectionDC to 1.5 GHz > 40 dB20 to 26 GHz > 30 dBOperating Dynamic Range - Digital attenuator unselected-57 to 15 dBm (-60 dBm Typ)Operating Dynamic Range - Digital attenuator selected-37 to +5 dBm Frequency Measurement Coding1900+25xCode MHzFrequency Measurement Resolution10 bits 25 MHz nom.Frequency Measurement Accuracy over operating dynamic range <15 MHz r.m.s....
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RR017_Teledyne - 2-18GHz Radar...

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