04395571 - Design of Attenuated Horn Antenna to Receive...

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Design of Attenuated Horn Antenna to Receive High Power Pulse Jinwoo Shin (1) , Woosang Lee* (1) , Junyeon Kim (1) , Dowon Choi (1) , Joonho So (1) , Won Jang (1) , Inhee Han (2) , and Changyul Cheon (3) (1) TRC 2 nd Division, Agency for Defense Development, Daejeon, Korea, http://www.add.re.kr (2) Microwave Technologies Group co., Daejeon, Korea, (3) Depart. Of ECE, University of Seoul, 90 Jeonnong, Tongdaemun, Seoul, Korea, http://www.uos.ac.kr Introduction In this paper, we propose the new attenuated horn antenna configuration to measure high power pulse more than several hundred MW to avoid the RF break down in a short distance. The proposed antenna configuration is more compact and flexible to change attenuation level according to measurement ranges in comparison with high power measurement using high power attenuator. We designed the attenuated horn antenna with attenuation value about -96dB at 3GHz and -83dB at 10GHz. The proposed attenuated horn antenna is composed of a horn antenna, ridged waveguide and attenuated rectangular waveguide. We designed three sections individually and after designing, we combined three sections. We simulated the final antenna configuration for the performance verification. The proposed antenna configuration is applicable to receive high power microwave pulse effectively. Antenna Design and Configuration The microwave systems are applicable to various areas. If we need a wideband and high power system, using waveguide transmission line is preferable to using parallel conductor transmission line. For a rectangular waveguide, the maximum bandwidth of operation over which only the dominant TE 10 mode propagates is a 2:1 band. For some system applications it is necessary to have a waveguide that operates with only a single mode of propagation over much larger bandwidths. The ridge waveguide is developed to be capable of operating over a very broad band [1]. When we measure the high power it is
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04395571 - Design of Attenuated Horn Antenna to Receive...

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