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Symbols for Correction of Compositions Department of Spanish and Portuguese Lower Division Program Symbols for the Correction of Compositions These symbols will be used by your instructor when correcting/reviewing the first draft of your compositions. Instructors will not actually correct the errors but will use these symbols to help identify the mistakes. You should use your class notes, textbook, and/or a dictionary to revise your compositions. These symbols will be used in Spanish 1-6, 16 A/B, 25, 102 A/B Symbol Error Examples Corrected form agr Subject-verb agreement, Noun- adjective agreement Yo hablamos Hombre honesta Yo hablo Hombre honesto gen Gender El mujer La problema La mujer El problema WW Wrong Word used (choose another) Asisto al colegio . Asisto a la universidad . ort, acc Orthography (spelling), accent responsible, professor responsable, profesor conf / ? Confusing sentence: the idea of the sentence is not understood, does not communicate vf Verb Form Yo teno. Ellos vive
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