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Oral Proficiency and Achievement Exam Spanish 3 1) You two are looking forward to the end of class and talk to a friend about what you two did last summer, winter or spring. Ask each other: -where you went -if you worked / hrs? / money -who you visited -something awful or great that happened 2) Ask each other about a special trip you took. -where did you go -how long did you stay -what was the geography like -what was the weather like -what did you do -with whom -where did you stay -narrate something interesting/ bad/ great that happened 3) You two are looking forward to graduation day and beyond. Ask each other: -when will you graduate -if you'll have a party / any gifts? -what do you think will happen that day? -will you look for a job or continue studying? -what kind of a job will you look for? -will you get married 4) It's been a long quarter and you are talking to your friend about a few problems. Each of you state the following problems and receive advice from your partner. Make it a conversation.
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