Research election D100

Research election D100 - ____ I elect option 2. I will...

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I have chosen the following option with respect to the research assignments.  I realize that  once I elect one of the options, I am bound to this agreement.  Also, if I do not elect an  option by the  end of the second week of classes , then I will be expected to complete the  second  research assignment as required in the “Research Instructions” handout. REMEMBER   ONCE   A   CHOICE   IS   MADE,   THERE   IS   NO   GOING   BACK   —   NO   CHANGES WILL BE PERMITTED, SO MAKE YOUR CHOICE CAREFULLY. _____ I elect option 1. I will complete the  first  research assignment due  Friday, 24th June  2011 . The grade on this paper will constitute 20% of my semester’s grade. All requirements  for the assignment as set out in the “Research Instructions” handout will be followed.
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Unformatted text preview: ____ I elect option 2. I will complete the second research assignment, due Friday, 22 nd July 2011. The grade on this paper will constitute 20% of my semester’s grade. All requirements for the assignment as set out in the “Research Instructions” handout will be followed. Signed: ____________________________ Name: _____________________________ [please print] Student number: ______________________ Section: _________ DUE: noon on Friday, May 20 th , 2011. Deposit your completed form in the drop box labeled “Stephen Spector” across from the Faculty of Business Administration’s General Office. PLEASE MAKE A COPY OF THIS FORM AND KEEP IT IN YOUR FILES!...
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Research election D100 - ____ I elect option 2. I will...

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