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IQ+test+paragraph improve - skills and proficiency level of...

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Running head: IQ TESTING 1 IQ TESTING Marcin Kolosa PSY/211 May 3, 2011 Eric Tomlinson
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IQ TESTING 2 IQ TESTING 1. Individual Assignment: Testing Intelligence Resources: IQ Test Complete the free Web-based intelligence test and review the results. Answer the following questions in paragraph form: 1. Did you feel the results were accurate? The results were accurate, and provide with explanation what are my true weakness and strong sides of my intelligence. The test showed me on, witch certain area of inelegance I have to focus on it. I total agree with the statement that I always try to seek logic aspects in surrounding environment. I also love to be challenge in academicals and intellectual. 2. Was the test biased in any way? . I think the test was biased in some ways. First of all, the test wasn’t controlled. The person who was taking a test could have received help from many sources while taking the test. Secondly, the test was in English that means depending on the English
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Unformatted text preview: skills and proficiency level of the person taking the test, the results can be various. 3. How do you feel about these types of scores being used to compare you with another person? Please explain. I cannot compare these types of scores with another based on this test .I remember I took IQ test in Poland I have scored higher than my other classmates. I have scored 135 at the test much higher than other students in the school I am not agree that the results of this test should be used to compare me with another person. Though I feel that the test provided accurate results, it was biased in many ways. Also, by comparing two people’s scores, it could ultimately cloud the judgment on the two and affect negatively when making decisions. IQ test is not an aptitude test. All it provides is the IQ of the person taking a test. Just because the person has lower IQ, it doesn’t mean he or she is not capable of handling tasks in their daily life....
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IQ+test+paragraph improve - skills and proficiency level of...

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