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COMPE 271 - FALL 2011 Homework 1 Given the following function compare that accepts two integer arguments: int compare ( int a, int b) { if ( a > b ) return (1); if (a < b) return (-1); if (a == b ) return (0); } .global _compare _compare: pushl %ebp movl %esp , %ebp movl %ebp ,&esp popl %ebp ret _____________________________________________ The main function calling the function compare is given below as example. #include <stdio.h>
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Unformatted text preview: #include <stdlib.h> extern compare (); int main ( void ) { int a, b; a=10; b=7; if (compare(a,b) == 0) { puts ( "They are equal" ); } if (compare(a,b) > 0) { puts ( "a is greater than b " ); } if (compare(a,b) < 0) { puts( "a is smaller than b " ); } The function is called as given in the following program. Write the function compare in assembly language starting With the skeleton code given on the right....
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