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COMPE271 Homework 1 Due on 6/_ /2010 Question: A twin prime is a prime number that is exactly two larger than the largest prime number that is smaller than it. For example, 7 is a twin prime because it is exactly two larger than 5. But 17 is not a twin prime because the largest prime less than 17 is 13. Write a program that asks the user how many twin primes the user wants to find, reads in that goal, and then successively examines the numbers starting at 2 to see if the number is a twin prime. The program stops when the specified number of twin primes has been found. It then prints out the twin primes found. Coding Standards: Your code should be developed using the following template and directions.
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Unformatted text preview: /*********************************************************************/ /* Name : * Red ID : * Problem Statement : * * *********************************************************************/ /* All includes and definitions should be made here */ /* For all functions follow the following template /*********************************************************************/ /* Function Name * Input variables * Output variables * Function definition *********************************************************************/ returntype functionname ( arg1, arg2, …) { // Please include as much comment as possible } int main ( arguments ) { // comments and more comments }...
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