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Tutorial 6 1 . A furniture company constructs and finishes tables and chairs. Each table nets a profit of $100 & each chair a profit of $60. During 1 week the company has 305 work-hours for assembly operations and 355 work-hours for finishing. Each chair requires 3h to be assembled and 90 min of finishing. Each table requires 4h for assembly and 2h for finishing. How many tables and chairs should the company produce over the week to maximize profits? 2. A toy manufacturer makes two games: Bong (g 1 ) and Zong (g 2 ). The profit margin on Bong is 30; the profit margin on Zong is 20. Bong takes 6 hours of processing, 4 hours of assembly, and 5 hours of parking. Zong takes 3 hours of processing, 6 hours of assembly, and 5 hours of parking. If 54 hours are available for processing, 48 hours for assembling, and 50 hours for parking, what is the profit-maximizing output mix in terms of equations and inequalities?
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