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Customer expectations 1. Accuracy At the lowest level, customers expect accuracy. Your customers must get what they paid for and are expecting. Deliver on what you promise. For example, GI independent’s customers expect to get the ordered newspapers without errors or missed shipments. Accuracy is an assumed standard in doing business. When present, accuracy is taken for granted. Its absence swiftly leads to customer dissatisfaction. 2. Availability Availability is important but should not stand by itself or be relied on as a single benefit to the customer. GI independent’s customers expect whether the newspapers are available to them. Where and how to read or purchase should be the most important things they think a lot. In addition, they also pay more attention on the usefulness and the value as no one is willing to attempt a useless product or service. 3. Information Customers feel the closest bond to organizations that have helped them learn. The newspapers which customers prefer to read should include many instances, news as well
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Unformatted text preview: as the other information where they can learn something. So the more information you give the customers, the more sales you may get. 4. Options. Customers don't want to be told that there's only one way or one solution. They'll respond positively when they're given options. Options are essential because they create dialogue and discussion. Open dialogue can lead to more sales. 5. Partnership Customers want you to listen to them, to be responsive to them, to make them feel they are on the same side of the fence as you. As a newspaper company, GI independent has to build strong partnerships with customers. Just like their customers expectations, to identify customers need, meanwhile, to solicit and act upon customers feedback could be the best way to establish the partnerships. Building a relationship with your customers based on mutual trust and respect will take time and effort, but remember retention is the best method of earning profit....
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