Developing marketing strategies

Developing marketing strategies - Developing Marketing...

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Developing Marketing strategies A marketing strategy involves the allocation of the marketing budget over product- markets, the customer value proposition by segment, the marketing assets and competencies, and the strategies of the functional areas of marketing. And a marketing strategy should be centered on the key concept that customer satisfaction is the main goal. Marketing strategies cannot be divorced from HR. First, HR professionals need to brand their departments, and then market themselves and their services to employees, managers, and officers who are the customers of HR. Next, customer segmentation, the component of marketing, is also very useful for HR to well analyze the “internal” customers. For example, the segments HR is serving among the employees could be union, nonunion, part-time, facilities, staff, managerial, and so on. At last, marketing are key profit generators. However, marketing staffs are human resource to an organization. Therefore, owning an effective human resource management increases the productivity of the
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Developing marketing strategies - Developing Marketing...

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