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Reading 1: Getting Attention for Unrecognized Brands Neophobia is the fear of new things or experiences. In marketing, it exactly presents the usual phenomenon that customers may prefer a recognized brand even if it has clear shortcomings. When I was still working as a marketing clerk in an international shipping company in Shanghai which named “Translink Shipping, Inc.”, I used to be told to look for more new customers including local mills, other shipping companies, and so on. However, there are huge amounts of international shipping companies in Shanghai which always makes the customers puzzled. Thus, in order to reduce the risk, customers used to choose the recognized shipping companies though their quality of the services and the efficiency would not high enough, as well as their prices would not be reasonable, either. By reading the article, it is now clear enough for me to know the reason why those recognized shipping companies could be more competitive and had more customers than our company which was actually an unrecognized company. In addition, this article also well assists me on how to alleviate neophobia. Suppose that I am still working in that company, the strategies this article gives will offer me a great aid. First, give buyers time. It is exactly true that forcing the customers cannot gain the business. I should initiatively contact a new customer by call or E-mail first, and then try to show them the main information about our company, current services as well as selling prices, and so on. Especially, I must emphasize the advantage as well as the unfamiliar services such as the door to door shipping service on full container load (FCL) from anywhere in China to anywhere in USA, and give the new customer enough time to
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compare features. Certainly, I had better keep contact with the customer or pay a return
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Reading articles - Reading 1 Getting Attention for...

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