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Shelby L. Smith 12-1-10 Professor Kennedy EH 102 It’s Just The Law In 1992, McDonalds was sued for having too hot of coffee (Stupid 1). Since that fateful year, our legal system has been flooded with cases that are becoming more absurd in their discrepancies. In West Palm Beach Florida, one family sued Sea World after the son drowned in the orca tank. The family stated the lawsuit was because Sea World did not have adequate warnings posted about not swimming with killer whales (Top 2). One couple even went so far as to sue Wal Mart for personal damages after a full bag of groceries fell on the wife’s head from a Wal Mart bag conveniently located in the top of the couple’s kitchen cabinets (Stupid 4). Although these cases seem ridiculous, many make it into the court of law and win the case. This leads us to wonder about the nature of justice and what exactly should be considered “just” in these and other situations. The Oxford dictionary describes justice as “the administration of law or authority” and furthermore describes justice as; “personification is often a blindfolded woman holding scales and a sword” (Fowler 1). Throughout the centuries, many an author has written about a personal sense of justice in both direct and indirect terms. Many of these are books help us to establish our own idea of justice because we have read them since elementary school. One of the best-known authors is Harper Lee who describes her view of justice in a novel entitled To Kill A Mockingbird in which the main characters find justice in the
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end by joining forces with a once enemy (Lee). Another childhood story that describes justice in yet another light is the short story of Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegat Jr. in which justice is technically served by the death of the main character and his ballerina (Vonnegat). Although these stories are wonderful to read, they do not ever specifically state what justice truly is, but fortunately there are a few people in history who are not scared of writing about the blatant and touchy topic of justice. Tales of justice are as ancient as civilization itself. One such story is the tale of Crito as described by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato (Who 1). The main characters of this tale are Socrates, Plato’s mentor and friend, and Crito who is a student of Socrates (Who 1). The short dialogue that occurs between the two characters is one of great import
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Lawsuite Paper - Shelby L Smith Professor Kennedy EH 102...

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