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Shelby L. Smith 10-22-10 Professor Kennedy EH 102 Breaking The Silence Jenna was a happy sophomore at the University of North Alabama. She was a member of the Undergraduate Student Government Association, captain of the dance line, and lead guitarist in her church’s youth band. Jenna was on full scholarship and had a very pleasant life, which she loved dearly. One night Jenna jogged toward her dorm just as she did every other night, hair pulled back, music blaring in her ears, and her mind wandering. Just before she reached her dorm, young Jenna was grabbed and taken away to a more secluded part of campus and raped. Jenna’s life was changed forever by an act of senseless, brutal violence. Afterwards, Jenna could not sleep because of the memories from that night. Her lack of sleep and new apathetic outlook affect her academics, causing her to do poorly in school. This sense of failure carried over into her dance line position where Jenna lost her scholarship because she was unable to perform. Eventually, Jenna resented everyone around her and stopped attending her church as well. One night, feeling as though she had lost everything, Jenna decided to end her life and attempted to overdose on prescription medications. Her mother found her in her bed and immediately rushed her to the hospital. Rape is something that can ruin the life of the victim left behind. The dictionary defines rape as “forced sexual intercourse,” and this crime leaves victims like Jenna
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feeling alone in the world (Rape Definition Para 1). In the United States, almost eight million women have been raped in the past ten years (Rape Statistics Para 1). Of these eight million women, only forty percent have ever reported being raped, and of that forty percent, only six to seven percent will ever see her attacker in jail (Reporting Para 5). The story of Jenna is a sad, but true, tale as women who are affected by rape will experience most of the pain after the act is long over. Women who have been raped often develop issues such as extreme paranoia and depression that can lead to suicide attempts (Rape Statistics Para 1). Rape is a big problem not only because of the after effects, but also because the vast majority of these victims will never call for help. For whatever reason—shame, guilt, fear—the fact that most rapes go unreported is quite possibly the most frightening aspect of the entire crime. Many organizations such as the Rape Abuse and Incest National Network and To Write Love On Her Arms attempt to aid victims by providing the women an ear that will listen (Break). The problem with this is that if no one is speaking, then there is nothing to listen to. The question of how to best stop rape is a very touchy and complicated, but there may be an
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breakingthesilence - Shelby L Smith Professor Kennedy EH...

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