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King of Rights - than Dr Martin Luther King Junior In this...

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Shelby L. Smith 11-1-10 Professor Kennedy EH 102 King of Rights In A World of Wrongs Dr, Martin Luther King Junior is not just a figure of civil rights, but also a figure of citizenship and brotherhood. I will honestly say that I do not know much about the upbringing or personal history of Martin Luther King Junior. I cannot explain the entire synopsis of “Letter From A Birmingham Jail” or recount the speeches by heart that he presented to thousands at a time. I can, however, tell you of the importance of this man’s life as it relates to me. When I was younger I was raised to believe that there was some extreme difference African and Caucasian Americans that made up separate, and possibly not equal. This difference was never specifically stated, but it was always implied. There was always the undertone of there are “them” and then there is “us”. This mentality stayed with me all through grade school until I heard a brilliant recorded speech by none other
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Unformatted text preview: than Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. In this speech, Dr. King gave such a passionate plea for brotherhood and acceptance that I was moved to tears. At this point there was something inside of me that just knew that my preconceived notions about race were wrong. This seventeen-minute speech was one of very little importance to the civil rights movement of the time, but to a fifteen-year-old Alabama girl, it meant the entire world. This speech made the wheels begin to turn in my mind and started me on a mission to find out what the true meaning of this speech was. In my research I studied King’s life and the wonderful things he did for people everywhere, including putting his own life in jeopardy during freedom marches. Dr. King believed we are all equal and all deserve a good life if we but reach for it, this is something that has helped shape who I am. For that, in my mind he is truly a king of my upbringing....
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King of Rights - than Dr Martin Luther King Junior In this...

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