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Shelby L. Smith 10-18-10 Professor Kennedy EH 102 Speaking Out For Silent Women When it comes to the topic of rape, there really is nothing pleasant to discuss. However, there is hope for stopping these silent crimes. I propose we start a movement of hope for the victims of rape and all those who would otherwise become victims of rape. When I am older I plan on starting an organization that I believe will help solve the problem of rape and its silence. The organization I wish to start will first work with the health department to be implemented into public school sex education programs. This will allow for students to know what rape actually is, and also teach them where to go for help in case they
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Unformatted text preview: themselves are ever assaulted. Secondly, I would make a center where victims of rape could find help afterwards. This center would possibly have a mentor program where recovered victims could mentor to those trying to make it through. The final thing this organization would do is to lobby for judicial and legislative change. Today only one of every sixteen rapist sees any jail time whatsoever. This is ridiculous when you realize that over half of rape victims die from the effects of the rape episode- e.g. depression, suicide, post traumatic stress disorder. This is how I believe I would help stop the silent problem of rape in America....
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